Let’s adventure around the local world

Matching travelers and local guide in 30 minutes. Let’s experience a special trip which is not on a guide book.



Feel free to travel while meeting somebody.

You can experience the travel of sightseeing places by a guidebook or a tour.
However, who know attractive secret charms in a local place? Of course, locals.
RootTrip suggest travel experiences deeply
and specialty by connecting travelers (Tripper) with locals (Rooter).

Anyone can be a local guide right now.

Having a chat at your favorite cafe is a good example.
Making your world friends have fun in your local area is not hard
"I want to talk with foreigners", "I want to show my favorite place"
Just such half an idea, you are a tourism ambassador in your local place.

Use your free moment meaningfully

Travelers (Tripper) offer a guide easily
by chatting while pocket of time on your travel.
A guide (Rooter) earns a pocket money
when the guide shows recommended spot to travelers.
Payment is by PayPal.



  • Easy matching by a profile card

    Users are shown one after another. You can see, swipe, and keep your favorite users.

  • Feel free to have a conversation by chatting

    Chatting with matched users. When both sides agreed with the contents, let’s make an official offer. Of course, you can refuge after chatting.

  • Easy login withFacebook

    By Facebook authentication, it is easy to login. *Using Facebook is not necessary, you can set by yourself.

  • Prevent identify fraudby start and finish code.

    After established an official offer, we issues a secret code to a guest side. We protect our users from identify fraud and fake offer by the code.

  • We use PayPal as a money control.

    The payment and receipt are done certainly.


How is RootTrip used by users?

Which position will you use?


Use as a Tripper(travelers)

We had been here before, but all places are new for us.

20’s|woman|university student|place: Jinbouchou,Tokyo


It was so fresh because I never been to there.

20’s|woman|university student|place: Jinbouchou,Tokyo


I went to the place before once, I found something new.

30’s|man|office worker|place: Nirasaki



Using as a Rooter(Guide)

Our service should be used by ourselves. It is a tester experience.

30’s|man|manager|guide place: Tokyo


Even though you had been to a place, you will find new things by locals.

30’s|woman|office worker| guide place: Saitama prefecture


When I enjoyed the guide, the guest also enjoyed it.

30’s|man|manager|guide place: Hyogo prefecture


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