Launched RootTrip on the AppStore.

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We released the RootTrip on the AppStore.
Because it is Version 1, there may be some inconveniences, but please try using it!
The service “RootTrip” created for the service that 7 billion people can use.
Feel free to ask, people came banging, new discovery without thinking.
Don’t you have time to spare a bit on your trip?
Would’t it be a good time usage if the local people told me the city, shop, favorite place in such a case?
Would’t it be fun to see guides in 30 minutes after searching on the spot rather than deciding in advance?
Since it is all local matter, we do not need anything new to learn or prepare.
It would be a good idea to introduce your elementary school from where you left off, and people who are planning to live a new life might use it to find out the city.
I think that each usage is good and I want you to go out in a city you do not know easily.
Because there are many people who know it.