TRIPPER’S INTERVIEW VOL.1 2017.08.20 @Yamanashi Nirasaki

Tripper (guest)
30's Office Worker

I went to the place before once, I found something new.

How did you know RootTrip?

When I listened to radio, I knew RootTrip application which provides new style of trip.

What makes you to use RootTrip?

I rarely go to travel individually.
But I found a guide who can guide a place where I have been to before as a firm’s trip.
I thought it is going to be fun if I was guided by someone who familiar to the place.
And I liked the place.

How did you feel after use RootTrip?

I was nervous before meeting.
But I realized the guide is reliable soon.
So I can really enjoy it.

If you use the app next time, where do you want use it?

Well… I will travel to some heritage sites in Japan.
While the traveling, I want to use it in local town.

Is there any point which needs to be improved?

If I can know a detailed course in advance, it will help a lot.

*story of one's experience.