TRIPPER’S INTERVIEW VOL.2 2017.08.30 @Tokyo Jinbouchou

Tripper (Guest)
20’s university student

It was so fresh because I never been to there.

How did you know RootTrip?

I was looking for a part-time job related to a guide. And then, I knew this one.

What makes you use RootTrip?

My local place is known for having many Japanese style pub.
I want you know there are many kinds of stores. I love my home town.

How did you feel after using RootTrip?

My guide accepted my request. Two hours went so fast.

If you use the app next time, where do you want use it?

I want to use it when I go to overseas trip.
I want to be introduced a secret place which is only local people know.

Is there any point which needs to be improved?

If I can search a guide only by a purpose, I will see more unfamiliar place.

*story of one's experience.