TRIPPER’S INTERVIEW VOL.3 2017.09.05 @Funabashi, Chiba

Tripper (Guest)
20's college student 2 people

We had been here before, but all places are new for us.

How did you know RootTrip?

- I used it before, so this is my second time. I happened to know it when I surfed on the internet.
- I knew it by Instagram.

What makes you use RootTrip?

- I want inform you that there are many kinds of stores in my local place. And I have free time during summer vacation.
- I want to introduce some restaurant, café, and shopping mall which are not on a travel magazine. Only local people go there places.

How did you feel after use RootTrip?

- Unfamiliar place, and meet a stranger, but I went with my friend so I felt safe.
I had been to the place before, but I did not know almost stores.

If you use the app next time, where do you want use it?

- Overseas trip.
- I want use it as a guide, and I inform to foreigners about my local place.

Is there any point which needs to be improved?

- If there is a short movie about how to use RootTrip, it is easy to understand.
I do not used to use PayPal, so I want to know descriptions.

*story of one's experience.