Rooter’s Interview vol.1 2017.07.04 @Tokyo Kiyosumi Teien (garden)

Rooter (Guide)
Kunikazu Muramoto

I could not go to travel anytime, but when I meet a traveler, I feel as if I traveled.

How did you know RootTrip?

We are running this service.
I hope many people getting know the app more and more!

What is the opportunity you would try to be a guide using ROOTTRIP?

I want many people to use it so it is impossible to know good and bad point without actual use.
I used it because I made it!

Is there anything that makes you be in trouble or feel anxious?

Feeding to carps is prohibited which was allowed last year.
I thought it was a good contents for the people who have never been to there.
And when I was asked about an animal.
There was a gray heron but I rarely seen it few years ago. I researched it and reported it to Tripper later. Lol

Do you often go to travel?

Few years ago, I traveled overseas once a two years.
Recently, I could not go to foreign country because I am busy on my business.
But I go to hot springs and Toyama Prefecture without purpose, and Hakone (Which is known for hot springs)

What do you do usually?

I am developing web service, and representing Lord Company which provides RootTrip.
We should use this service first because we made it!

Where are you always?

Like Kiyosumishirakawa, Kinshicho, and Akihabara, I am often in east side of Tokyo.

What was the good point using ROOTTRIP as a guide?

This time, I guided Kiyosumi teien (garden) which I know well.
It is interesting that a traveler and people who never been to here, feel “special” even though it is familiar to me.

*story of one's experience.