rooter’s Interview vol.2 2017.07.11 @Saitama Tokorozawa

Rooter (Guide)

日本語The guest came to Tokorozawa (which is a big city in Saitama prefecture) many times, so I guided to a mystery space which is known to only local people

How did you know ROOTTRIP?

I just happened to listen to a radio and then, I knew it.

What is the opportunity you would try to be a guide using RootTrip?

Being introduced by the radio, I just thought it seems fun.

Is there anything that makes you be in trouble or feel anxious?

Since I am a women, I warried to meet a stranger man face to face.
But I am glad because he was a good guy^^

Do you often go to travel?

I travel a few times during a year.
I also go to foreign countries during Golden Week holiday, summer, the end of the year, and the beginning of the year.
Sometimes, I go to hot spring weekend.

What do you do usually?

I am an office worker. It is secret about details. Lol

Where are you always?

I am in close to my work place.
On the day off, I often go to around my house or Shinjuku, Ikebukuro.

What was the good point using RootTrip as a guide.

I can hear some requests before actual meeting.
The guest came to Tokorozawa many times, and he is looking for some souvenirs.
So I showed a toy store which is my favorite and known to only local people. I am happy to hear “it was funny!” by him^^
*story of one's experience.