Rooter’s Interview vol.3 2017.07.22 @Hyougo Uozaki

Rooter (Guide)
Nobuhiro Tokunaga

Guided Kakuuchi in a brewery town to a person who enjoys having drinks. (*Kakuuchi is a traditional drink style in Japan.)

How did you know ROOTTRIP?

Inside my head when I made it.

What is the opportunity you would try to be a guide using RootTrip?

I experienced a Tripper(guest) before so I wanted to try to be a Rooter (guide).

Is there anything that makes you be in trouble or feel anxious?

The most anxious point was how can I make more than one Tripper(guest) have fun.
All store was closed except my objective one because it was a holiday, so I was in trouble.
I was aware that I should be careful about a date. Some European countries are not running many business on a holiday.
Also, in the case of eating something, I wonder how settle pay a bill. But I talked to guests that food fee is divided individually, so it not going to be in trouble.

Do you often go to travel?

Recently, I seldom go to travel.
In this summer, I am going to travel some domestic places using RootTrip.

What do you do usually?

I like to have drinks at local Japanese style pub.
I am in charge of financial management.

Where are you always?

It is still near the workplace.
On the day off, there are many around my house, Shinjuku or Ikebukuro.

What was the good point using RootTrip as a guide.

I was aware that everyone who shared time and place having fun and I also enjoyed that time as a Rooter (guide)
*story of one's experience.