About a sign-in, login, a withdrawal

Can I cancel my membership before receiving payments?

Please cooperate and wait until receiving all unpaid payments to be deposited to your PayPal account. We might have trouble sending money to your PayPal account caused by identification errors.

Cancelling RootTrip Membership

Please contact us after logging in on RootTrip. Please cooperate to include your user ID, nickname, and the reason (optional) in your cancellation request. If you have upcoming trips or payments to receive, you must wait until the trip or the payment transaction is completed.

I want to modify my profile on RootTrip.

Please go to Menu > Edit/View Profile.

I want to cancel the link between my Facebook account and RootTrip membership.

Here is how to cancel the link between Facebook and RootTrip. ※If you originally signed up for a RootTrip membership with Facebook authorization, you will need to provide us with your personal e-mail/password to cancel the link.

【Cancelling the Facebook link】
1. Tap/Click on [Account Setting] on Menu
2. Tap/Click on [Link with Facebook] to cancel the link

Log-in Solutions on RootTrip

This message indicates that you may have entered an invalid e-mail address and/or password. Please try again to enter the correct e-mail address and/or password. If you have trouble logging in using Facebook authorization, please make sure the link between Facebook and RootTrip is connected.
Here is how to reset your forgotten password.

【Resetting Password】
1. Tap/Click on [Log in] > [Forgotten Password] on the RootTrip home page.
2. You will receive an e-mail to reset your password from RootTrip.
3. Tap/Click on [Reset your password] then enter your new password.

I do not receive emails from RootTrip.

Please check your e-mail setting for any restrictions. If you are restricting e-mails, you may not receive e-mails from RootTrip: [info@roottrip.com], Please check the setting on your e-mail browser whether it allows e-mails from RootTrip: [info@roottrip.com] and e-mails with URLs.

I cannot sign up for a RootTrip membership using my e-mail address

「unknown email address」:This message indicates that your email address is already used with a membership at RootTrip. Please log-in to your RootTrip account with the e-mail address.
※Please understand that RootTrip offers one membership per person.
If you forget your password, please follow the procedure below to reset your password.

【Resetting Password】
1. Tap/Click on [Log in]>[Forgotten Password]on the RootTrip home page.
2. You will receive an e-mail to reset your password from RootTrip.
3. Tap/Click on [Reset your password] then enter your new password.

Unable to resister by Facebook

Please retry after updating Facebook to the last version.
Also, it is impossible to use Facebook account which was already registered on RootTrip. Please login to the account you registered.
*RootTrip recommends to use one account per person. Thank you for your understanding.

Is member registration free?

Member registration and guide registration are free.
*Please make sure the Specified Commercial Transaction about commission fee.

About general transaction

If your guide don’t come on the day.

There is no charge on RooTTrip
*miscellaneous expense such as transport expense is customer responsible. Please note about it.
*we will take the appropriate measures to the guide who are not appeared on the day.

Credit card type you can use on RootTrip

Every cards which are able to register on Paypal
See more details.

Cancellation policy for weather conditions.

If you and other side decide to cancel the meeting because of unavoidable reason such as weather conditions, please notify to RootTrip in advance.
In such cases, we treat the cancellation fee considering notification.

How to write a review.

Guest side can write a review after finishing the guide.
From [official offer]> [ID]> [see the guide sheet]

Required contact directly

It is depending on your judge.

Is it possible to make a cancel on the guide day?

Yes it is. Cancellation fee is changeable depending on when you cancelled a contact before guide day.
After made an official offer, guest members can cancel a contact according to the way below. In this case, it takes some cancellation fee based on date below.
Examples of cancellation

Time from your guide time Example Action which is recognized as a cancel
Over 72 hours Guide time: 12 p.m. 19th march.
Cancel limit: until 11:59 a.m. 16th march.
(Japanese standard time)
Putting “cancel” from matching screen
From 72 to 48 hours before Guide time: 12 p.m. 19th march
Cancel limit: between 12 p.m.16th march and 11;59 a.m. 17th march.
(Japanese standard time)
Putting “cancel” from matching screen
From 48 to 24 hours before Guide time: 12 p.m. 19th march
Cancel limit: between 12 p.m.17th march and 11;59 a.m. 18th march.
(Japanese standard time)
Putting “cancel” from matching screen
Within 24 hours Guide time: 12 p.m. 19th march
Cancel limit: From 12 p.m. 18th march
(Japanese standard time)
・Putting “cancel” from matching screen
・In the case that not entered START and FINISH code which should have put on the guide time.

According to terms of service Paragraph1, Article 8, when refund is happened, refund is conducted payment currency’s exchange rate after deduct payment commission of PayPal account.

According to terms of service Paragraph1, Article 8, the time of payment collection from guest is within 30 days.

According to terms of service Paragraph1, Article 8, the case of booking cancellation.
Only the case of occurred cancellation fee, Lord Company transfer cancel fee from guest to guide account according to terms of service.

Unable to contact to opponent

If you could not contact by chatting, please contact us.
We will contact to your opponent.

About registration and use for a guide

What is going on about a facility fee and a food fee?

It will be taken by guest side including guide’s cost.
Guest side can find the estimate from guide’s sample course.

When a deposit is completed?

A deposit is completed when a correct Finish code is pushed on a guide sheet of a guide side.
Please see the detail on credit card statement which is registered on Paypal account.

What is include in a fee?

Guide fee, commission for RootTrip, and commission for a card(Paypal).
Other miscellaneous fee is not included such as food fee, transport fee, and facility admission fee etc.

Extension time of a guide.

Please make a request from [matching]> [establishment guide]> [new official offer]

Could not arrive push notification.

In such case, please contact us.

Registration for a guide

There are two ways that you can resister. By Facebook or ordinary registration by e-mail address.
In the case of Facebook, please conduct login on Facebook.
In the case of ordinary login, you need to register name, and e-mail address. Please follow the flow of registration.

Registration and use for a guide

An important point in case of you would guide a place which has limited transportation.

You could not charge the extension fee for traffic jam, and other transportation accident.

In the case of the guest did not come to the meeting

Please let us know if you could not contact by chatting.
We will contact the guest side.
Even though there is no contact, we will recover your guide fee.

Is there any important point when you decide the guide fee?

Nothing special.
Depending on your guide rank, your limitation of guide fee will be increasing.

Cannot search myself on guide page.

We set you could not find yourself on guide page.

Important point about decline the guide offer.

We recommend you to accept a consulting offer at first. After that, we want you to choose to accept or decline.

Registration for a guide.

Please follow the steps from [Be a guide] on the top page.

Is there any rules about the place you can guide?

No, we do not have any rules about the place.
*We might delete the course which is related to political instability region and travel restrictions by Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Necessarity of setting sample course

It is necessary to register sample course to make guest have an image of the guide.

How to use a Paypal

Is there any important point doing a guide registration?

Many pictures make guest side feel safe.

How to verify your user ID

You can verify your ID following the procedure below. Please note that before verifying your user ID on PayPal, you cannot receive any payments.
Please log in to your PayPal account, then tap/click on Account Setting > Upgrading Account
Please click here for more details.